uncover the hidden

profits in your business and find financial sanity

You run your own small business and are making sales

You are great at what you do, you love your work and your customers and clients love you...


But you don't love the financial anxiety that comes with being a solo business owner  

And some days you struggle to remember why you decided to go into business for yourself....

Right now, you would just love to have a magic wand to take away the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, rows with your partner, and quite frankly resentment that you work so hard but have little to show for it ("where DID that money disappear to?")

So, if this is you...

  • You feel like you never get ahead financially - you are never sure if this month's income will cover the expenditure... and you are sick and tired of the stress of living month to month

  • You are making sales and have some great months.. but those are the ones you tend to overspend on....so you feel guilty, or stressed, or worried about debt, or arguing with your partner.....

  • You don't have any money set aside for your outgoings or tax bills - you juggle money in and money out so much, you should work in a circus

  • And as for paying yourself a regular salary - "what?! I just dip in here and there when I need to"

  • But that means that when you look at your bank balance, you are never sure how much you have available to spend

  • Oh, and you are not exactly sure if the sales you make are actually profitable... your business may be losing money, but you don't really want to look at your numbers (who has time for that when there is real work to be done?) and it is so much easier to keep your head in the sand...

I created Path to Profit, a simple 4 step process to sort out all this and more



STEP 1: You get to create a beautiful crystal clear vision of your goals, dreams and aspirations; we will discuss in detail what you want your business to look like in three months, three years, ten years - and a solid plan of action written down so you know what you need to do, when and how much money you need to support it (how do you know what profit you want your business to make, unless you know what you want to do with that money?)

STEP 2:  You get a month by month revenue plan to support your goals; you will refer to this in the months to come, and it will be an invaluable tool to monitor progress, see if you are drifting off course, and identify what action is needed

STEP 3:  You get a strategy to maximise profits; we deep dive into your revenue streams to brainstorm tons of ways to increase revenue; we explore your expenses in detail and identify ways to run a leaner business (and make more profit)

STEP 4:  You will learn a simple process to manage the cash coming into and out of your business - the principles I show you will cover paying yourself and setting aside money for expenses and tax so you no longer live month to month - how much is that peace of mind going to be worth to you?

Each step is covered in weekly Zoom video calls over 6 weeks  

YOU ALSO GET full accountability - I will check in with you weekly to keep you on track and make sure you get the important stuff done that is all too easy to put off 


Welcome Pack of worksheets which you will use to create your own Path to Profit - this is a living, evolving document which you will use and refer to again and again

Email support - You have unlimited email support during your programme  

The cost for all of this is £499 until 31 October 2020 - saving 30% off the regular price of £700.  But I only have a limited number of places available to ensure I can give all clients my full attention so to secure this price don't delay - click below and we can get started 




If after completing the Path to Profit programme you are not 100% happy that your business is more profitable as a result, just let me know. I will be happy to refund your money.


WHY ME?  I'm Sally and I have worked as a financial adviser and with small businesses for over 20 years.  I know what it is like to feel as though you are just treading water with your business.  You started it because you love what you do, and longed for some kind of freedom - autonomy, freedom of location, ability to control your own destiny, or work around family commitments.  But suddenly you find that your business has become a monster, and you are its slave.  What happened to your dreams and plans?  You work so hard, but feel there is little to show for it - where does all the money go?  If you could just get a few more sales, then all your troubles would be over.  


I've been in your shoes, and understand the sleepless nights and the damage that living with financial anxiety can do to your life, your health and to your relationships. And I am here to tell you it does not have to be like this.  Path to Profit was created just for you - to find financial sanity

What does FINANCIAL SANITY look like?

You have a crystal clear vision of your goals, dreams and aspirations 

You know how much money you need to achieve them and a plan to make it all happen!

This is not some pie-in-the-sky "wishing and hoping" but a solid plan...which will become a roadmap to guide your business to success for years to come

OK, we will spend a bit of time looking at your numbers, but Path to Profit is all about looking forward to this and more...

  • Smoothing out the money rollercoaster - you will no longer be living month to month - how much less stressed would you feel??

  • You are putting money aside to cover expenditure and taxes before they are due - imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy

  • You are paying yourself a regular salary - how fantastic would it feel to know your personal expenditure is covered?

  • When you check your bank balance you know what is available for you to spend - no need for mental calculations before investing in new software, paying for help with your marketing or treating yourself to new shoes "just because.."

  • That vision you created is coming closer each month, as you know you are maximising your most profitable revenue streams and plugging the pesky money leaks - you get that warm and fuzzy feeling again as you remember what your business is going to do for you, the life you can have

What will that FEEL like?

  • Less stress when the bills arrive

  • No more worrying about money leaking out of your business

  • Happier relationships - no longer fighting about money 

  • Peace of mind - you are setting money aside for bills, tax and your salary - no more living month to month

  • You are in love with your business again, you are no longer resenting working hard and having nothing to show for it

  • Confident because you are back in the driving seat

  • Hopeful for the future - a future you have visualised in glorious technicolour - and a plan to get there - your Path to Profit

Sounds good, doesn't it?

  • You KNOW that just finding more customers isn't the answer to all your problems

  • You believe it is possible to earn more without working harder​

  • You want to be in the driving seat again, running your business with purpose and intention

  • You are ready to get off the financial rollercoaster 

  • You KNOW that there has to be an easier way to financial sanity 

  • You are ready to create a profitable plan for your business which you can use forever more

"I'm so ready to create a better financial future

for myself, my family, and my business"


Great!  I LOVE AN ACTION TAKER - click the button and let's get going