feedback from clients

I think your journal is really great! I love the way it makes me think about 'money' from so many different angles. And all that without looking chaotic. It is very structured and the order of the topics is great. 


I am always a big fan of communities. Accountability works great for me, and sharing experiences is always very helpful.    (JTM, Netherlands)

I worked with Sally for just a couple of days and I KNEW I had to raise my rates. It wasn’t scary or a difficult decision, it just felt like the obvious next step and the right time. I’d been thinking about doing this for months but in the past, something always stopped me. Working with Sally has shifted that resistance and it feels amazing to finally recognise my value. Now I can serve my clients from a whole new level. Thank you, Sally!  (DR, UK)

I love the look and feel of Sally’s Workbook.  It has a thoughtful structure with a clearly presented plan for recognising and changing my unhelpful money mindset.  Speaking as someone who has struggled with finances most of my adult life, Sally’s ability to share her vast experience in such a friendly, accessible way is refreshing and very timely.  (MM, N Ireland)