Budgeting, Money Management and Debt

  • Better control and management of your money  

  • Creating and using a budget 

  • Help you understand different strategies to pay off debt (and which works best for you)

  • Organising your financial paperwork

Strategy and Guidance

  • Identifying, prioritising and planning how to achieve your goals

  • Financial health check to identify any areas in need of attention

  • Different ways to build up savings (and how they align with your goals)

  • A major life change (eg redundancy, starting a business, relationship break up, inheritance, bereavement)

  • Exploring the financial implications of major life changes

Financial Knowledge and Skills

  • Improving your confidence and understanding of money topics (in plain English)

  • Understanding mortgages, loans or debt

Relationships, Emotions and Behaviour With Money

  • Changing unwanted or unhelpful money habits 

  • Help to resolve financial issues with partner

  • Aligning financial goals or values with partner

Business Finances

  • Planning for self employment

  • Separating business and personal finances

  • Better control and management of self employed income and expenses


I’m happy to provide financial coaching to help people in a range of circumstances. 


My focus, however, is on helping individuals with any or all of the following challenges.

  • Struggling to build savings despite earning a good income

  • Living ‘month to month’

  • Unclear where their money goes and/or making poor spending decisions 

  • Has no shared budget (or has disagreements on money) with their partner

  • Has unhelpful attitudes to money, pensions, investing or financial advice

  • Believe they are ‘no good with money’

  • Struggling with day to day control and management of money

You may be at a transition in your life

The end of a relationship, bereavement,  a change of job or business (or a new business).....


I help you understand where you are now financially, where you want to be, and how to align the two

to book a free, no-obligation 20 minute call to

find out how i can help you 

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