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You never feel satisfied you have made enough and will continually challenge yourself to achieve more, but this makes you an unstoppable force for big impact and significant income.  Naturally ambitious and determined, you can feel dissatisfied with your progress no matter what your past successes have been.   Your challenge is to relax and enjoy life in the moment.  


You feel a great emotional connection about saving money.  You are likely to be frugal and overthink purchases or get the best deal on everything.  Being great at managing money comes naturally, and you are super disciplined, but this can tip over into obsessiveness or compulsion, lack of trust or generosity.  Your challenge is to expand how big you see the world and what you can accomplish.


You are great at building relationships and connections are more important to you than making money.  You would rather be taken care of financially than strive to create financial independence.  You rarely feel financial stress, but when you do it can be overwhelming.  Your challenge is to get more hands-on with your financial details.



You are attracted to unconventional or alternative ways of making money and find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves.  Your motives are often altruistic, but your love/hate relationship with money can mean you depend on others rather than create your own independence.  Your challenge is to find ways to monetise your ideas and connect positively with the good that money can do in the world.



​You are a financial thrill-seeker, attracted to get rich opportunities and willing to take a financial risk for a potential big win.  You are creative, but are drawn to extreme highs and lows, as you don’t value balance or find it particularly exciting.  Your challenge is to balance extreme risk with financial security.



For you money represents status, image and recognition – and you love to stand out from the crowd.  You have no problem spending money but your bank balance does not always match that image of wealth and success you love to project.  Your challenge is to accumulate wealth while being valued and admired in the world.




​You are naturally generous and appreciate money, but feel the need to over give for every penny you bring in.  Loyal and generous, you help others at the expense of yourself and struggle to set financial boundaries which sometimes means you get taken advantage of.  Your challenge is to care for others by empowering yourself.


You enjoy money and believe it is there to be spent and enjoyed.  You indulge in yourself to feel special, appreciated, loved or valued.  You believe in the abundance of money and are often generous with others.  Your challenge is to enjoy life to its fullest while creating financial security

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